Consultancy fees and charges: FAQs


As of 8 July 2015, the Crime Statistics Agency will begin charging customers for customised data requests, in accordance with the Crime Statistics (Fees & Charges) Regulations 2015. These regulations allow the CSA to provide customised data requests to clients on a cost-recovered basis.


Why are you charging for data?

The CSA has a number of key functions, like publication of regular crime statistics and conduct of research into crime and criminal justice. We also complete a lot of custom requests for clients, in response to specific interests and requirements. So we can continue to complete our core work for Victoria, we are cost recovering for larger, time-consuming customised requests which can cumulatively divert CSA staff for long periods of time.


What types of data requests will I need to pay for?

For small customised data requests that take less than 2 hours to complete, these will be provided by the CSA free of charge. If it is estimated that the request will take two hours or more to complete, the CSA will compile an agreement to proceed and a quote to send to you before completing the request.


What are the fees?

The CSA charges are based on a cost recovery model, meaning clients are only covering the cost of the time it takes for a member of the CSA team to complete the request. For 2018-19, the fees are calculated as follows:

  • First 2 hours: $170.32
  • Each hour thereafter: $84.42 per hour


What's the process for requesting and receiving data under the new model?

The process for obtaining customised data is as follows:

  • the client submits data request by email: (External link)
  • a member of CSA team will be in contact to discuss request and whether there will be a charge
  • if there is a charge you will be emailed a quote and agreement to proceed
  • the client sends signed agreement to proceed back to the CSA
  • once signed agreement is received by the CSA, the data will be provided when the data has been compiled and prepared


What payment methods are available?

Once the CSA receives a signed agreement, you will be issued with an invoice to pay within 7 days of receipt. Details on how to pay will be provided on the invoice, and can be made by credit card (VISA, Mastercard and American Express) or by cheque.


How long will it take to receive my data?

Please allow, at minimum, 5 business days for your data request to be actioned by the CSA. Where possible the CSA will provide data within this time frame. At peak times, such as the lead up to regular quarterly data releases (External link), there may be delays in data provision.

For data requests that incur a fee the CSA will begin working on your data request as soon as an agreement to proceed is received by the CSA. Then, depending on the complexity of the request, the data will be made available to the client as soon as practicably possible. 

Please note that the CSA is currently experiencing significant service demands and cannot guarantee short turnarounds in the provision of customised data.