Crime Statistics Agency releases new Research Agenda

The Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) has today released its new Research Agenda.


The Research Agenda sets out priority areas for the CSA’s research program over the next three years, and aims to ensure research conducted by the CSA supports evidence based policy and practice across the Victorian criminal justice system. 


The new Research Agenda outlines a series of overarching research themes including:

  1. Understanding offenders and victims
  2. Pathways to and through the justice system
  3. Crime prevention and intervention
  4. Impacts of system reform


Priority topics for CSA research projects going forward have also been identified, including:

  • Women and girls – focussing on drivers of increases in the number of women and girls coming into contact with the justice system.
  • Legislation change – focussing on the impacts of major legislative changes such as amendments to the Bail Act (1977).
  • Family violence – focussing on further understanding specific cohorts of perpetrators and victims.
  • Sexual offences – focussing on drivers of increases in the number of sexual offences recorded by police.
  • Youth crime – focussing on young people’s pathways through the justice system, and the impacts of youth justice reforms.


The CSA will publish the findings of research projects in these areas progressively over the next three years. 


For more information, you can view the full Research Agenda here