Recorded Criminal Incidents

The information outlined in this section represents all criminal incidents recorded in the Police Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP) database, where Victoria Police have recorded a crime prohibited by criminal law. These include crimes that have been reported to police as well as those identified by police. For more information about counting rules, please refer to the Explanatory Notes.

Key movements in the number and rate of criminal incidents

Victorian criminal incidents and rate per 100,000 population, 10 year trend


Criminal Incidents - Tabular Visualisation

The criminal incidents data visualisation contains the number and rate of criminal incidents in Victoria. You can also view crime data by local government area in the Crime by location tool. Data for these visualisations are available via the Download data button on the latest crime data webpage.

Number of criminal incidents by principal offence category

To best represent the type of offence associated with a criminal incident involving multiple offences, the most serious offence within an incident is determined and this becomes the principal offence to represent the incident. For criminal incidents the most serious charge laid is selected and, if no charges were laid, the most serious offence recorded will be selected. Further information on the derivation of a principal offence for a criminal incident can be found in the CSA paper Offence Types – Differences between Recorded Offences and Criminal Incidents, Year ending 31 March 2018. (External link)

Notable movements – criminal incidents

In the last 12 months, the number of criminal incidents with a principal offence of Property and deception offences increased by 10.1% (23,399 incidents), while Crimes against the person increased by 3.2% (2,049 incidents), while Justice procedure offences increased by 2.5% (1,258 incidents) and Drug offences increased by 3.4% (555 incidents). 

In the five years to March 2020, the number of criminal incidents with a principal offence of Crimes against the person increased by 21.1% (11,446 incidents) and Justice procedures offences increased by 28.0% (11,115 incidents). 

Victorian criminal incidents recorded by principal offence category, 5 year trend


Please note that movements in recorded crime data may be impacted by changes in legislation and operational police practice. Information is available about notable changes in the Explanatory Notes (External link), refer to this information when comparing data over time.


Crime Statistics Agency, 2020
Crime Statistics Agency, 2020
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