Victim Reports

A victim report is counted when an individual, business or organisation is recorded on LEAP as being a victim of one or more criminal offences. A victim report involves only one victim but can involve multiple offences and alleged offenders. One report may involve offences that occur over a period of time but if processed by Victoria Police as one report it will have a count of one in the data presented in this section.

Where there were multiple offences recorded within the one victim report, the report is represented by an assigned offence category of the most serious offence, this is referred to as the principal offence.

Key movements in the number and rate of victim reports

Victorian people victim reports and rate per 100,000 population, 10 year trend



Victorian organisation victim reports, 10 year trend

Victim Reports - Tabular Visualisation

The victim reports data visualisation contains the number and rate of victim reports recorded in Victoria, and demographic characteristics of alleged offenders. You can also view crime data by local government area in the Crime by location tool. Data for these visualisations are available via the Download data button on the latest crime data webpage.

Number of victim reports by principal offence category

In order to assign an offence type to a victim report with multiple offences, the most serious offence within a report is determined and this becomes the principal offence for the victim report.

Notable movements – victim reports

Of the 236,954 person victim reports recorded in the last 12 months, 168,811 (71.2%) had a principal offence of Property and deception offences, 67,957 reports (28.7%) were Crimes against the person and the remaining 186 victim reports were Other offences. The number of victim reports with a principal offence of Crimes against the person increased 16.5% (9,604 victims) in the five years from the year ending March 2016 and 3.0% (1,968 victims) in the last 12 months. The number of victim reports with a principal offence of Property and deception offences increased 11.1% (16,800 victims) in the 12 months to the year ending March 2020.

Person victim reports by principal offence, 5 year trend 

Please note that movements in recorded crime data may be impacted by changes in legislation and operational police practice. Information is available about notable changes in the Explanatory Notes (External link), refer to this information when comparing data over time.


Crime Statistics Agency, 2020
Crime Statistics Agency, 2020
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