Research paper released: Identifying the differences between generalist and specialist family perpetrators

The Crime Statistics Agency has today released its eighth ‘in brief’ paper, which looks at the characteristics that are associated with a family violence perpetrator being a generalist (i.e. recorded for non-family offences in addition to family violence incidents) rather than a specialist (i.e. only recorded for family violence incidents and related offences) perpetrator.

The paper examines the recorded family violence incident and non-family violence offending histories for a cohort of family violence perpetrators over a five year period from 2012 to 2016. It examines:

  • what proportion of family violence perpetrators are generalists rather than specialists
  • the perpetrator and incident characteristics associated with being a generalist rather than a specialist.

The analysis found that 40% of the cohort were generalist perpetrators and 60% were specialists.

The final statistical model showed that, when other factors are taken into account, female family violence perpetrators are less likely to be generalists than males. It also found that as perpetrator age increased, the likelihood of being a generalist decreased. The report provides further details about the relationships between other characteristics and the likelihood of being a generalist or specialist perpetrator.

The full research paper can be found here.

The media release for this paper is available here.