Temporal distribution of offences in Victorian night-time entertainment precints.

Research paper released: Temporal distribution of crime in Victorian night-time entertainment precincts

The Crime Statistics Agency has today released its third 'in brief' research paper, which explores whether the temporal distribution of crime occurring in night-time entertainment (NTE) precincts could be used to refine a commonly used surrogate measure for alcohol-related harm, high-alcohol hours.

The paper looks at the temporal distribution of key offence types in night-time entertainment precincts with high concentrations of licensed premises. Key findings include that:

  • 54% of the crimes under analysis (assault and related offences, sexual offences, property damage and disorderly and offensive conduct) in the identified night-time entertainment precincts occurred between 9pm and 6am on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Between 2am and 3am on a Sunday morning was the peak (6% of offences in the analysis) for these precincts.
  • There were some differences in patterns between sites and this suggests that specific benchmarking for different precincts may be more advantageous in conducting evaluations than simply using one set of figures for all of Victoria.

Use of the alcohol/substance use flag by police appears to be lower than expected and is likely to be insufficient for analytic use on its own.

The full research paper can be found here.