Media Release: Highest numbers of unique alleged offenders since July 2004 with the average age also increasing

The Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) released the Victorian recorded crime statistics for the year ending 30 June 2019 today.


The highest number of unique alleged offenders was recorded in the year ending June 2019 (84,989 unique alleged offenders) this equates to approximately one unique alleged offenders for every 78 Victorians. The average age for male (34.2 years) and female (33.2 years) unique alleged offenders was the highest average age in CSA data holdings which go back to July 2004.


In the last 12 months the unique victimisation rate per 100,000 population decreased (down 2.9% to 2,832.4 from 2,915.7) to the lowest rate in the CSA data holdings which go back to July 2004. Approximately one in every 33 people in Victoria were victims of crime in the year to June 2019.


In the last 12 months the number of criminal incidents increased by 1.3% or 4,944 incidents to 387,389 while the rate declined by 0.8% to 5,873.5 incidents per 100,000 Victorians. A similar pattern was observed for recorded offences, the number of recorded offences increased by 1.5% to 514,398, while the offence rate decreased 0.6% to 7,799.1 offences per 100,000 Victorians.


Alleged offender incidents increased by 4.6% (7,781 incidents) to 176,837 in the last 12 months while the rate increased by 2.4% to 3,063.5 per 100,000 population.


Victim reports which increased by 0.6% to 301,099, while the victimisation rate dropped 1.5% to 4,565.2 reports per 100,000 Victorians. This is the lowest in CSA data holdings, which go back to July 2004.


Family related incidents increased 8.6% in the last 12 months to 82,652 incidents. The rate of family incidents increased by 6.4% to 1,253.1 incidents per 100,000 population.


CSA Chief Statistician Fiona Dowsley said that "we are seeing record numbers of alleged offenders being processed by Victoria Police and the average age of these alleged offenders has been increasing.”


More detailed information is available on the latest crime data.


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