Unique Victims and Unique Alleged Offenders: Year ending June 2019

Unique alleged offenders

  • There were 82,989 unique alleged offenders recorded by Victoria Police in 2018–19, up 6.3% (5,048 unique alleged offenders) compared to the same time period last year. 
  • Of the unique alleged offenders where sex was recorded, 65,092 (76.6%) were male and 19,873 (23.4%) were female.
  • In the last 12 months the average age for unique alleged offenders has increased to 33.9 years, this is the highest in CSA data holdings, which go back to July 2004.
  • The age group with the highest number of alleged offenders in the current year was 25–29 years (12,243 unique alleged offenders), this age group made up 14.4% of all unique alleged offenders.
  • Over the last five years the proportion of alleged offenders under the age of 25 years has decreased (from 33.8% to 28.1%) while the proportion of offenders aged 25 years or older increased (65.3% to 70.9%). 
  • 66.5% of unique alleged offenders (56,499) were involved in one incident in the year ending June 2019. 
  • Males were more likely to have been involved in multiple incidents, with 34.4% of male alleged offenders linked to more than one incident, compared to 30.6% of females. 
  • Unique alleged offenders had, on average, 2.0 incidents in the 12 months to the year ending June 2019.

Unique victims

  • The number of unique victims recorded by Victoria Police in 2018–19 decreased by 0.8% to 226,167. 
  • 82.6% of victims were people (186,812) and 17.4% were organisations (39,355). 
  • Males made up 56.2% (104,820) of all person victims while female victims made up 43.8% (81,783).
  • The average age of person victims was 39.2 years, and the age group with the highest number of victims was 25–29 years (23,816 victims). 
  • Of the 186,812 unique person victims recorded in the year to June 2019, 91.8% (171,474) of victims had one report recorded. 
  • Those who were most likely to experience repeat victimisation were females between 10–14 years. Of the 1,896 female victims aged 10–14 years, 11.0% (209 victims) had more than one victim report recorded in the reference period. 

For a detailed breakdown of the data go to the latest crime data and for explanatory information and definitions, see the Explanatory Notes and Glossary.