Family Violence Dashboard

The Family Violence Database (FVDB) is produced annually by the Crime Statistics Agency to provide publicly accessible data and statistics on family violence in Victoria.

This 2022-23 version of the FVDB has been re-developed, with new features including:

  • A consolidated dashboard interface with more ability to manipulate data for demographic groups
  • Linkage of justice data to show the progression of family violence incidents through the criminal and civil justice systems
  • Integration of data from different sources to generate insights about priority cohorts and local areas.

Note that:

  • Data for some demographic/priority groups may have a lot of missing values and should be interpreted with caution
  • The lay terms “victim” or “victim-survivor” and “perpetrator” are used to improve readability and ensure consistent terminology across the dashboard
  • The FVDB is a standalone product that incorporates multiple sources of data and in some instances uses slightly different counting rules compared to other Crime Statistics Agency outputs. The data may not be directly comparable across other outputs.

For more information, please see the explanatory notes within the dashboard or contact: (External link)

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