Harm and crime

Harm Caused by Crime - Data Visualisation

To see more information about an LGA just hover or click your mouse pointer over the dot. In this visualisation each LGA is represented by three dots, the red represents high harm caused, orange represents medium harm and low harm is represented by green. Dots located in the top half of the visualisation have recorded a higher volume while dots located further to the right of the visualisation represent a higher proportion of that category in that LGA. 

To get to the next visualisation you can either click on the dot you are interested in and then click on the ‘view additional data’ link or scroll across to the next visualisation on the web page and select the LGA you would like from the drop down box in the top right hand corner. The second visualisation allows you to select an individual LGA and get the key data for each harm category.


Harm Caused by Crime - Tabular Visualisation


Data for these visualisations are available via the Download data button on the latest crime data webpage.

For more information on the data contained within the harm caused by crime visualisations please see the supporting Explanatory notes and News item.