Year Ending 30 June 2020

This data has now been superseded and is for historical reference only. For the most accurate data, the Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) recommends the use of data from the most recent release. The CSA does not recommend the use of this data to make comparisons over time.

The Crime Statistics Agency publishes recorded crime statistics here every quarter. You can also view crime data by local government area in the latest crime data by area.

As part of the Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) continuous improvement work program several changes were made in this release, including:

  • Re-release of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Alleged offender data – now included in the official quarterly Victorian crime data
  • First release of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family incident data – now included in the official quarterly Victorian crime data
  • Release of Harm caused by crime data – now included bi-annually in the official Victorian crime data
  • Improvements to Alleged offender incident data
  • Inclusion of extra investigation status data.

For more information about these changes go to the Appendix A or to the CSA Explanatory Notes (External link).

In the year ending June 2020 data two new COVID-19 offences codes were introduced in response to breaches of the Chief Health Officer’s Directions under the PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELLBEING ACT 2008 (External link) section 203 (and 199). The CSA has classified these Victoria Police offence codes (837AP REFUS/FAIL COMPLY DIR/REQ AUTH OFF (IND) 6,036 offences and 837AQ REFUS/FAIL COMPLY DIR/REQ AUTH OFF (B/C) 26 offences) in F Other offences – F90 Miscellaneous offences - F92 Public health and safety offences.

For more information about the impacts of COVID-19 on crime to end of June 2020 please see Recorded offences or the Police-recorded crime trends in Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Download data

Download all Excel data tables with detailed information on recorded offences, alleged offender incidents, victim reports, family incidents, Indigenous alleged offender incidents and Indigenous family incidents.