Family Incidents

A family incident is an incident attended by Victoria Police where a Victoria Police Risk Assessment and Risk Management Report (also known as an L17 form) was completed and recorded on LEAP. An ‘affected family member’ is the individual who is deemed to be affected by events occurring during a family incident. The other individual involved in a family incident is referred to as the ‘other party’. The other party could be a current partner, former partner or a family member. For more information about counting rules, please refer to the Explanatory Notes.

Please note that movements in recorded crime data may be impacted by changes in legislation and operational police practice. Information is available about notable changes in the Explanatory Notes, refer to this information when comparing data over time. Below highlights substantial changes that should be considered when analysing the data.

In response to COVID-19 Victoria Police commenced Operation Ribbon on 13 April 2020, this operation was active until December 2020. Operation Ribbon focused specifically on active engagement with victim-survivors and known perpetrators of family violence. Operation Ribbon involved specialist detectives from the Family Violence Investigation Units across the state reaching out to Victorians perceived to be at greater risk of family violence due to the impacts of COVID-19 and associated public health measures, including restricted movement. Incidents relating to specific operations that are recorded in the LEAP database are often not easily identifiable. For more information about the impacts of COVID-19 on crime please see the CSA paper Police-recorded crime trends in Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic: update to the end of December 2020. Data trends overtime should be interpreted with caution.

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Key movements in the number and rate of family incidents


Family Incidents - Tabular Visualisation

The family incidents data visualisation contains the number and rate of family incidents recorded in Victoria, as well as demographic characteristics of affected family members and other parties. You can also view crime data by local government area in the latest crime data by area. Downloadable excel files are available on the Download data webpage.

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Crime Statistics Agency, 2024
Crime Statistics Agency, 2024
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