Offending behaviour of young people revealed in new Crime Statistics Agency research

The Crime Statistics Agency released two 'in fact' sheets today on youth crime. One fact sheet detailed young people’s co-offending patterns and the other, analysed offence seriousness of first-time young offenders between 2012 and 2016.

The co-offending research found that 56% of young people (10-17 year olds) committed at least one offence with another person in 2016, down from 63% in 2007. Young co-offenders were also shown to more likely to co-offend with other young offenders than their adult counterparts.

Further research found that the number of first-time young offenders committing crimes against the person remained stable over time, while the number recorded for a property and deception offence significantly decreased by an average of nearly 9% per year from 2012 to 2016. This decrease in property and deception offences was driven by a drop in first-time young offenders committing retail theft offences.

The research paper Co-offending among young Victorian offenders in 2016 is available here

The research paper Are more first-time young offenders being recorded for serious crimes than in the past? is available here

The media release for these papers is available here.