Spotlight: Burglary/Break and Enter Offences Recorded in Victoria

The year ending December 2018 saw the lowest number of Burglary/break and enter offences recorded since July 2004.

A decrease in volume is observed for Burglary/break and Enter offences when comparing the year ending December 2009 to the current reference period (down 12.1% or 5,560 offences). The decrease over the past 10 years has not been consistent, a peak of 54,755 offences was reported in the year ending December 2016. Through the analysis period, residential burglaries consistently made up nearly two thirds of burglary break and enter offences.

This spotlight found that ‘Door’ was the most common entry point for residential burglaries, with ‘Forced/Broke Door’ being the most recorded residential burglary method of entry.

A data visualisation has been produced along with commentary in this spotlight. The key feature of this visualisation is it provides access to the Burglary/break and enter offence characteristics highlighted in this spotlight for all 79 Victorian local government areas.

Further information can be found in the latest crime statistics quarterly release, available to download from the CSA website: (External link)